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North Penn Raiders teams are managed and coached by volunteers, typically parents of players. Every team, from 8u - 12u,Tournament / Travel Teams needs 1 manager and at least 2 assistant coaches.

As the Chief Administrator, the League President selects and appoints managers and coaches. There is no seniority or tenure in serving as a manager or coach of any team in, or associated with the North Penn Baseball Association year to year. As such, no person becomes a manager or coach without the nomination of the League President. However, all appointments are subject to final approval by the league's board of directors.

To be considered, simply complete the volunteer registration online for to the Board review prior to the season. Be sure to also complete the National Volunteer Form and State Forms as well.

Managers and coaches must provide a positive role model for all players. Please read and become familiar with the league's travel agreement, codes of conduct, parent handbook, and safety codes.