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2022 Raiders Try-Outs (Times Adjusted)

 ‘2022 North Penn Raiders Try-out Schedule: updated 10/2021

(additional info. will be posted when available)

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12u        Coach: Bill Edwards ( )

              Coach: Dennis McAnulla ( )

              Birth Range: 9/1/2009 – 8/31/2010

              *Any player interested in trying out for 12U should contact Bill Edwards.


11u        Coach: Jim Teeter ( )

              Birth Range: 9/1/2010 – 8/31/2011

              Try-out 1: October 8th – October 10th                    Moyer Fields

              *Contact Coach Teeter for times and details


10u        Coach: Pete Lamaina ( )

              Birth Range: 9/1/2011 – 8/31/2012

              Try-out 1: October 23rd                9:00                     Moyer Fields

              Try-out 2: October 30th                9:00                     Moyer Fields


9u          Coach: Sean Miller ( )

              Coach: Mark Kaiser ( )

              Try-out 1: October 15th                5:45                     Moyer Fields

              Try-out 2: October 16th                3:00                     Moyer Fields

              Try-out 3: October 17th                3:00                     Moyer Fields

              Sign-up Genius (must sign-up) Link: 9U Raiders Try-out Sign-Up Genius

              Birth Range: 9/1/2012 – 8/31/2013


8u          Coach: Kelley Reed ( )

              Try-out 1: October 30th                12:00pm                Moyer Fields

              Try-out 2: October 31st                 11:00am                Moyer Fields

              Birth Range: 9/1/2013 – 8/31/2014


7u          Coach: Bobby Cucinella ( )

              Try-out 1: October  23rd                3:00                      Moyer Fields

              Try-out 2: October 30th                10:00                     Moyer Fields

              Birth Range: Any birthdate after 8/31/2014 

              *note players who are younger than 7U are eligible to try-out but will be required to play on their                                  league age team in subsequent seasons*



Additional Information

  • Please confirm attendance via email with the coach contact listed above prior to the 1st try-out session.  This will be used to email in case of time/location change or rain-outs
  • Use the coach contact listed for any additional questions
  • Please attempt to attend both try-outs
  • Contact your age level coach if you cannot attend at least one try-out but would still like to try out
  • For additional information about Raiders’ baseball email Kelley Reed ( )
  • Wear/bring: sneakers/cleats, glove, bat, water bottle, helmet, protective gear, etc..
  • Questions/Feedback/Volunteer/Coach – contact Kelley Reed ( )
  • Directions to Apex (A2i) Baseball (click here)  (if try-outs are indoors)
  • Apex (A2i) Player Participation Waiver: A2i Player Participation Waiver Link
Field Status
Faigrounds Intermediate - Hatfield TBD (10/25) 
Fairgrounds A (Majors) - Hatfield TBD (10/25) 
Fairgrounds B (Minors) - Hatfield TBD (10/25) 
Fairgrounds Batting Cage - Hatfield TBD (10/25) 
Lenape-North Branch Prk. - Chalfont OPEN (10/25) 
Memorial Park - Lansdale TBD (10/25) 
Moyer A - Lansdale TBD (10/25) 
Moyer B - Lansdale TBD (10/25) 
Moyer C - Lansdale TBD (10/25) 
Moyer Cages - Lansdale OPEN (10/25) 
Schweiker Park - Hatfield TBD (10/25) 
Schweiker Park Field - Lansdale TBD (10/25) 
Upper Merion - King of Prussia OPEN (10/25) 

Senator Holl Complex, Fairgrounds Complex, Walton and Weaver Fields

Pets are NOT permitted at North Penn Little League games and/or practices. Please respect this request and leave your pets at home.

No Smoking or Tobacco Products are permitted on the Grounds, including the parking lots.

No Alcoholic Beverages are Allowed on the Grounds,

All areas in our Parking Lots are considered FOUL BALL AREAS. The NPBA / NPLL accepts no responsibility for Any Damage. 

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